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100+ Easy Freelance Job Ideas For Beginners

100+ Easy Freelance Job Ideas For Beginners

Are you still trying to figure out where to start your freelancing career?

Then here are more than 100 freelance job ideas to help you get started.

With some dedication, skill, and hard work, you’ll be able to make more than $500 a month following these job ideas.

You can also do these jobs at home, full-time or part-time. The choice is yours.

I came up with these job ideas after doing some research on popular freelancing marketplaces, including Fiverr, UpWork, Envato Studio, and People Per Hour.

There were plenty of job postings related to these job skills on the marketplaces. You won’t have a hard time finding gigs for these jobs.

Check out the list and see if you can find a job idea more suitable for your skills.

How To Start Freelancing

how to start

Before we jump into the list, I wanted to give you a brief guide on how to start your freelance career.

Follow these steps:

  1. Use this list to find a skill that’s suitable for you
  2. Learn as much as you can about those skills (Use online courses to learn)
  3. Practice those skills every day
  4. Build a portfolio of your best work (eg: publish guest posts, create Behance profiles, etc)
  5. Work on your English writing and marketing skills (learn to write great emails)
  6. Look for clients

For a more detailed guide, you can check out my step-by-step guide, How To Start Freelancing for Beginners.

AI-Related Jobs

ai jobs chatgpt

Jobs related to artificial intelligence (AI) is on the rise. In fact, most of the jobs on this list, especially ones related to copywriting, translation, and virtual assistant jobs are being replaced by AI tools such as ChatGPT.

If you’re thinking about pursuing a career in freelancing, make sure to learn about AI and find ways to incorporate AI into your skillset.

Prompt Engineering is arguably the most future-proof freelance job right now. This job involves using AI tools to make your job more efficient and to help businesses cut down costs and do more.

For example, if you’re a social media manager, you can learn prompt engineering to generate captions for your posts, ideas for marketing campaigns, and quotes using ChatGPT. This will 10X your efficiency and help businesses to create more with less.


freelance writing

1. Article Writer

Write articles for online magazines, news publishers, business journals, etc.

2. Blog Writer

Write for company blogs or be a blogger for hire. Keep in mind, writing for blogs requires different skills than writing for magazines and eBooks.

3. eBook Writer

Write tutorials, guides, and strategies that get published as eBooks.

4. Fiction Writer

Write short stories, poems, or even novels for other authors. I do this all the time and made around $800 – $2,000 per job (depends on the content and length).

5. Web Content Writer

Write content for websites (eg: about pages, Privacy, and terms of service pages, etc).

6. Copywriter

If you’re an expert in online marketing, you can be a writer for brands to come up with great content for their online and print promotional campaigns.

7. Writing Translator

Translate text and documents in different languages.

8. Editor

Help other people write great content by showing them their mistakes and improving the overall quality of the work.

9. Proofreader

Got great grammar and writing skills? Then use that skill to fix the errors in other people’s work.

10. Press Release Writer

Write professional and straight-to-the-point news articles for media outlets.

11. Ghost Writer

Write articles and blogs on behalf of other brands or people.

12. Legal Writer

Write letters and documents to be used by lawyers, judges, and others in law.

13. Resume & Cover Letter Writer

Not everyone knows how to write a winning resume or a cover letter. Help those people land a job.

14. Product Description Writer

Write killer descriptions for products and services, works for both online and print.

15. Transcription Writer

Listen to audio files and convert speech to text. Or, write transcripts to be used on audio recordings, such as jingles and audio commercials.

16. Technical Writer

Write product manuals, documentation, technical guides, etc.

17. Guest Writer

If you have a blog or have permission to publish on popular blogs, you can take jobs from brands and services to write about their products.

18. Academic Writing

Help struggling students to write their academic papers and college essays.

Graphic Design


19. Logo Designer

If you’ve got creative skills and knowledge in using Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw, this is a job that can make you easy money.

20. Photoshop Editor

Edit, resize, fix, convert, and optimize images with Photoshop for other people.

21. Website Mockup Designer

Photoshop is widely used for designing website mockups. It’s a high-paying job if you have the required skills.

22. Photo Editor

Help people enhance their ordinary portraits, change backgrounds, and bring them those photos to a professional level.

23. Photo Retouching

Retouching and adding makeup through Photoshop is one of the highest-paid jobs on Fiverr.

24. Graphic/Poster Designer

Design digital and print posters, Facebook covers, and other types of graphics.

25. Icon Design

Design unique icons for brands and businesses to be used with websites and print.

26. Book Cover Designer

Create book covers for digital and print books.

27. T-Shirt Designer

Know how to design branded T-Shirts? Then this job is for you.

28. Infographic Designer

Infographic design is a high-demand job that pays $400 – $1,000 per design and sometimes even more.

29. CAD Designer

Draft designs related to architecture and structural engineering fields.

30. Vector Designer

Design graphics and content in vector format to be used in print industry.

31. Cartoon Artist

Design comics and cartoons for brands and magazines.

32. Banner/Ad Designer

Design digital and print ads such as billboards, cutouts, and website banners.

33. Wedding Album Designer

Another high-paying job with rising demand.

34. Sketch Artist

Help people turn their ideas into pictures or craft sculptures.

35. Digital Artist

Draw portraits, landscapes, and beautiful artworks using digital software.

36. Vector Illustrator

Draw illustrations and art to be used on websites.

37. Print Designer

Design brochures, leaflets, business cards, etc.

38. Concept Artist

Video games and animation are booming industries. Use your skills to help those developers come up with great concepts for their creative work.

39. Oil Painter

Old-school, but I saw a lot of people selling oil painting as a service on Reddit and a couple of other sites.

40. Flyer Designer

Help businesses promote their products with creative flyer designs.

41. Brochure Designer

Make brochure designs for brands and businesses.

Web Development

web design

42. Front-End Designer

Front-end design is where the look and feel of the website take place.

43. Back-End Developer

The back-end developer is the guy who’s in charge of developing the algorithms for the core of a website or web app.

44. UX / UI Designer

Teach front-end developers how to design websites and interfaces that improve the user experience.

45. Plugin Developer

Develop plugins for websites and WordPress.

46. WordPress Expert

Help people setup their WordPress websites and blogs.

47. Web Font Designer

Design specific fonts and icon fonts to be used with websites.

48. Bug Fixing

Help people figure out what’s wrong with their websites and apps.

49. Server Administrator

Take charge of server-side tasks, such as configuring apps and implementing proper security.

50. Website Builder

Offer domain name, hosting, and website building services to businesses.

App Development

app dev

51. App UI Designer

Design user interfaces for mobile apps.

52. App Developer

Develop the backend of mobile apps.

53. Game Developer

Team up with game developers to create great Android and iOS games.



54. Financial Advisor

Teach and give advice to startups and businesses how to handle their money.

55. Legal Consultant

Help businesses and individuals handle legal issues and avoid fraud.

56. SEO Consultant

Show businesses how to optimize a website to rank high on Google to improve traffic.

57. Health Advisor

Give advice to people on how to stay healthy.

58. Parenting Advisor

It’s tough being a parent, especially in this period of time. Teach those new moms and dads how to handle their kids.

59. Fitness Advisor

Help people make diet plans, exercise routines, and to get fit.

60. Career Advisor

Help people choose the right career path and find success with their job. Like what I’m trying to do here.

Video Production

video editor

61. Intro Videos

Create introduction videos for businesses and products.

62. Explainer Videos

Create cool videos that explain a product, like that Dropbox video.

63. Video Testimonials

Create videos telling the world how you love certain products. It’s kind of big these days on YouTube.

64. Stop-Motion Videos

Create awesome animations using the stop-motion technique.

65. Video Animator

Create animated video segments for YouTubers and businesses.

66. Social Media Video Creator

Create promotional videos for promoting brands on social media platforms.

67. YouTube Video Editor

Help YouTubers edit and improve their videos.

Audio Production

voice artist

68. Voice-Over Artist

Got a great voice? Then start using it right.

69. Audio Editor

Help people edit and perfect their podcasts and other audio content.

70. Audio Translator

There are 6,500 spoken languages in the world. People are always looking for someone to help translate foreign audio content to English.

71. Music Composition

Compose background music, sound effects, and jingles.

72. Record Podcast Ads

Help online brands create cool ads to be used with podcasts.

Virtual Assistance


73. Virtual Assistant

Help people run a business by handling their meetings, schedules, tasks, etc.

74. Data Entry

Type printed/hard copy documents and data into digital form.

75. Marketing Strategist

Create effective online marketing strategies for brands.

76. Social Media Manager

Help brands manage their social media channels and keep their followers entertained.

77. Live Chat Agent

Be a live representative for companies to help them make more sales.

78. Recruiting Agent

Help businesses recruit great employees and freelancers.

79. Customer Support Representative

Support customers solve their problems with products and services.

80. Zendesk Consultant

Show people how to better manage customers and support systems.

81. Project Manager

Manage large projects for companies.

82. Bookkeeper

Be an accounting clerk for companies to keep records of their important transactions.

83. Technical Assistant

Assist people and businesses solve their technical issues, such as computer problems.



84. Explainer Video Animation

Create characters and animations to use as explainer videos.

85. 3D Model Designer

Design 3D models for various purposes (furniture, vehicles, etc).



86. Lead Generator

Help businesses increase leads and grow sales through software such as Magento and Zendesk.

87. Presentation Designer

Design and craft content for PowerPoint presentations for various purposes.

88. Online Advertising Expert

Help brands run successful ad campaigns online (AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc).

89. Social Media Editor

Craft content, graphics, and posts optimized for social networks.

90. Email Designer

Design killer emails, email templates, and email designs that get more clicks.

91. Email Outreach

Help brands reach out to other businesses, blogs, and publications via email.

92. Traffic Generation

Show people how to generate traffic for their websites.

93. Write Product Reviews

Be a critique for hire and offer to write product reviews for businesses.

94. Keyword Research

Help people research all kinds of online keywords related to their industry.

95. PR Submission

If you know how to contact popular blogs and publications, offer it as a service to promote special product announcements (eg: latest smartphone releases, app releases, movie releases, etc).

96. Market Research

Help businesses analyze and research the market to learn about their target audience.

97. Branding Services

Create catchy taglines, slogans, and brand names for new companies.

98. Outdoor Advertising

Get in touch with companies to offer to promote them on billboards, spin-boards, etc.

99. Content Strategist

Create content strategies and plans for promoting businesses and brands.

100. Content Marketer

Market branded content developed by brands and businesses.


101. Freelance Photographer

Work as a freelance photographer for local clients.

102. YouTube Thumbnail Artist

Create custom art for YouTubers to use in their video thumbnails.

103. Website Critique

Offer to show all the mistakes in websites and how to fix them.

104. Data Analyst

Analyze data and turn them into excel sheets, graphs, and dashboards.

105. Create Documents

Learn how to work with PDF documents and how to create great eBooks using InDesign.

106. Gaming Help

Believe it or not, there are gamers who are willing to pay to get a boost for their Clash of Clans or League of Legends team. Use your gaming skills to help those guys out.

107. Cooking Lessons

Teach people how to make macaroni and cheese.

108. Makeup Lessons

Not everyone knows how to do it right.

109. User Testing

Offer to test brand new apps, software, and websites for companies to find flaws.

110. Travel Planner

Most people like getting advice from locals on traveling to hit the right spots when they visit.

111. Private Tutor

Teach people how to speak English, play guitar, etc.

112. Twitch Emote Creator

Create Twitch emotes and banners for streamers

If you’ve got any other great job ideas for freelancers, feel free to share them in the comments section.

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